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John S. Hall on Def Poetry Jam

Posted in Music on January 4, 2009 by kickingupthedarkness

King Missile.


Fuck You, I’m Blogging (also Happy Holidays)

Posted in Music on December 31, 2008 by kickingupthedarkness

First and foremost, welcome to Kicking Up The Darkness- a blog that does many things like cook and clean and tell you you’re wonderful.  I’m sure we’ll be best of friends.

Well, it’s Christmas… well, it was, anyway.  Since where I work just finished putting on Merry Christmas Charlie Brown a week late, I figured I’d make a little Christmas post.

I hate Christmas music.  Hate hate hate it.  That stupid red shoes song, that “all i want for christmas is you” song, all of it (except “Fairy Tale of New York”–but any bonafide Christmas song that uses the words ‘slut’ ‘faggot’ and ‘junkie’ is going to be okay in my book).  So when I was driving out to my girlfriend’s on Christmas and every single radio station was playing that crap I was, needless to say, miserable.

Until I hit on WUSB, which was playing a marathon of Beatles Christmas records.  As far as I can gather, these were records that the Beatles sent out to members of their fan club, thanking them for paying money for gratuitous things like Christmas records, as well as wishing them a happy holiday (which they mysteriously refer to as Crimble).  They start out innocent enough, but then you get to 1966, which must have been when lysergic acid diethylamide was officially perfected.

First off, imagine being a fan of the Beatles in 1966 and looking forward to another Christmas record. “Ooh,” you say, “I hope Ringo’s really witty on this one!”  Then you open up your package and look at this:


“That doesn’t look at all like Christmas!” You say.

Then you listen to this:  CHRISTMAS MUSIC … and you resolve to drop acid as soon as possible.

Happy Crimble.